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Subcutaneous fluids are given as a supportive treatment for patients with kidney failure. ThrivingPets stocks 3 types of fluids- Lactated Ringers, Normosol-R, and Sodium Chloride. Lactated Ringers is the most common type of fluid treatment. Normosol-R and Sodium Chloride are often prescribed for pets with elevated calcium levels because these fluids do not supplement this mineral. Lactated Ringers comes in 2 different bags- the old style is PVC (Poly-vinyl Chloride) and contains a chemical, plastic softener called DEHP. DEHP has been linked to cancer and the FDA requires a written disclosure on products containing DEHP. The new style of fluid bags are DEHP-Free, Hospira's brand name for these bags is VisIV.

Fluids are very heavy, 2.5 pounds per bag or 30 pounds for a case of 12 bags. Because of their weight shipping costs can be quite expensive. Although ThrivingPets stocks fluids and would be happy to supply you with these products, you may want to see if your local pharmacy can obtain these supplies to save on shipping. The best way to see if a local pharmacy can get fluids for you is call and give them the NDC (National Drug Code) number for the fluid you are looking for. Here are the NDC numbers for Hospira's fluids-

Lactated Ringers Solution- 00409-7953-09, DEHP-Free LRS- 00409-7953-48

Normosol-R 6.6pH- 00409-7967-09, DEHP-Free Normosol- 00409-7967-48, Normsol-R 7.4pH- 00409-7670-09

Sodium Chloride 0.9%- 00409-7983-09, DEHP-Free NaCl 0.9%- 00409-7983-48

Most pharmacies do not stock IV Administration sets (IV sets, or tubing). The majority of pharmacies are also not willing to order sets. For more information on IV sets please see the IV Admin Set page

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