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ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide

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ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide

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ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder USP 50g Jar
ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder USP 200 Gram Jar
ThrivingPets Aluminum Hydroxide Powder USP 1 Kilogram Jar
Aluminum Hydroxide Oral Suspension 100 mg/ml 240mls

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Positive Review by Jessie
After 2 months of a daily dose of aluminum hydroxide in his renal support canned dog food, Shadow's kidney values greatly improved. (Posted on 10/11/2018)
Using it for Cat with CRF Review by Judy
I've been using this for my cat with chronic kidney failure. Back in July, his readings on his bloodwork were so bad that the vet was talking euthanasia. It is now 6 months later and he is doing well. He has even gained a little weight. He also goes for sub q fluids 3x a week. I mix the powder in some tuna or chicken juice or the juice from a Fancy Feast appetizer and he laps it right up. The vet had given me Alternagel, which is mint flavored, and he would spit it out and fight me when I gave it to him. This is so much easier. I am just placing my third order. Thank you for having this available. (Posted on 1/27/2017)
Great product and company Review by Dorothy
I mix this with our picky cats food and he eats it without any fuss. No more syringing down the mint flavored stuff from the vet. He is eating and playing like he was a young cat again. Wonderful company to do business with. My orders were shipped the same day. (Posted on 10/18/2012)
This Powder Really Works! Review by Robert
This powder really works! I ordered two ounces last month but was waiting for my cat's latest blood tests before ordering a whole pound. Her phosphorous levels are almost normal, from being "off the charts" just a couple months ago. She hates the liquid from the vet, but I put this powder on her food and she just eats right through it like it isn't even there. I don't know why vets don't carry this powder, but glad you do. (Posted on 5/17/2012)
Good bye Maalox! Review by Nat
My cat has kidney failure & his vet told me to get him Maalox- to help with his digestion issues.. The 1st & last dosing a Maalox resulted in him spitting it all over the walls. Who wants to subject our animal to garbage that taste horrible when there is great alternative? ThrivingPets suggested the powder & it's has been a life saving device. No more spitting! The daily dosing is made daily--very important, as it based on your animal weight. & it does tend to dry out. I use a small plastic container with a tight lid. I make it fresh daily. Since changing his diet & using the Al Hy, he's gain 10 oz. which I give credit to ThrivingPets for helping me extend my cat life! I do not know of any other site that goes to the extent that ThrivingPets does with offering the extra support (such as dosing info) My vet knows that she needs to drop her Maalox RX habit & stock up her pharmacy with ThrivingPets products! (Posted on 4/1/2012)
Add quality life to your cat food Review by Michelle L.
I highly recommend this product! It is tasteless & odorless and perfect to use in cat food. Per Dr Nagode's dosing guidelines, this product worked to successfully reducing our cat's Phos level to a therapeutic level. Thanks for stocking this otherwise impossible to find product. Michelle L., WA State (Posted on 1/5/2011)
managing kidney disease in a young dog Review by johaas
My cocker spaniel has been using Aluminum Hydroxide Gel powder for over 2 years and it is a godsend. He only has 25% functioning kidneys. He is now 3 years old and was diagnosed at 8 weeks of age. You cannot tell him from his play buddies who are normal. Good weight and very active. This medication is very easy to administer and he never knows he is getting it. This med along with his home cooked meals, probiotics and calcium keep him feeling good 95% of the time. What a blessing this powder is. (Posted on 7/1/2010)
Easy to use (even for cats), effective Review by HolisticVet
As an holistic vet, I appreciate being able to recommend a safe, effective phosphorus binder which is readily accepted by patients. This can easily be added to moist food, and is even accepted by very finicky cats. (Posted on 1/25/2010)
Aluminum hydroxide gel powder helps with kidney disease management Review by BasenjiLuke2
I used the Aluminum Hydroxide Gel powder for my 13 year old basenji with kidney disease. I was very pleased with the ease of use--I didn't have to use much with each meal and it mixed readily with canned food. My dog was very fussy about additives to his food, but he didn't mind the Aluminum hydroxide powder at all. I was able to give him the recommended levels of phosphate binder he needed which kept his phosphorus blood levels under control. I know elevated phosphate levels can really make a kidney dog feel awful, so being able to manage this part of the disease successfully was a huge relief. Thanks for having an effective and cost effective product that helped keep my dog's quality of life good in his final months. (Posted on 12/29/2009)

9 Item(s)

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